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Prime People

What Makes us Different? 

Concrete Washing



At Prime Concrete, our team is our family.  Our mission is to provide a fun, safe, and driven environment for all our team members. Dedicated to implementing the highest standard of technical training to our team, Prime’s rigorous training program offers our team the skills and confidence needed to achieve a professional grade finish for you. We seek to provide opportunities for our team to grow both personally and professionally. We truly believe in our cheerful, confident, and skilled team members to meet the level of service we are committed to.



We have developed a three step process that allows us to maintain our high standard of service and quality for our clients every time. We will ensure all your questions and needs are met throughout the entire process in order to give you the comfort and confidence in our abilities to make your concrete dreams a reality.


Free Consultation

For each client, one of our Prime Team members will conduct an onsite consultation with you in order to assess the scope of work involved in coating your concrete. You will then be provided with a free estimate for our services.

Pressure Washer

Concrete Preparation

A critical component of any successful concrete project is correctly preparing the concrete surfaces for coating. Our highly skilled technicians will spend the required time and attention to properly clean, wash, and expose your concrete. This process allows us to uphold the level of finish and protection we are dedicated to provide.

Paint Brush

Concrete Coating

Once the concrete has been prepped, we will apply our top-tier Prime Premium coatings to the concrete. Ranging from high gloss, semi-gloss, specialized anti-slip finish, or our Polyaspartic flooring systems, our selection of Premium Coatings are designed for a wide range of concrete applications. 

Prime Process
Prime Service
Concrete Sealed Driveway



Our objective at Prime Concrete is to provide a seamless experience for you from start to finish. We are dedicated to maintaining the highest level of service to allow you the comfort and confidence required in developing a trusting relationship with us. Based on our standards, we have formulated a set of core values that we are dedicated to uphold which are listed below.


We are passionately driven to strive for perfection. Today's achievement is tomorrow's opportunity for improvement.


We are truthful. Our clients can be confident that we will deliver on what we say. 


We aim to do things the right way. When we slip up, we make it right; always.


We are passionately driven to strive for perfection. Today's achievement is tomorrow's opportunity for improvement.

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