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Commercial Flooring Systems

Industrial Floor

Benefits of our Systems


Food Safe Certified


Enhances floor durability


Reduces dust and residue build-up


Creates a non-slip safe surface


Protects against surface abrasions and scratching


Enhances and improves aesthetic appeal

Are Commercial Coatings Required? 

5-year limited warranty

Protecting and enhancing your industrial floor using our Polyaspartic flooring system is a crucial investment in your building. Our flooring systems are specifically designed to enhance the longevity, safety, cleanliness, and overall finished look of your concrete floor. The importance of floor coatings is often overlooked by business owners and landlords. However, coating your industrial floors can be one of the most cost effective ways to protect your asset for years to come.

Prime Concrete provides a 5-year limited warranty for every floor coating project we complete. Upon completion, you get a signed warranty certificate that includes the date of purchase and details of warranty coverage.

Our 5-step Coating System







Clear and durable top coat

Anti-Slip flake or quartz layer

Pigmented adhesive base coat

Crack and chip repair

Shot blasting of concrete surface

Did you know?

All forms of concrete are susceptible to weathering, stains, cracking, and abrasions from everyday use. However, due to the high-use nature of industrial floors, this type of concrete is particularly susceptible and at high risk for significant breakdown and damage. At Prime Concrete we highly recommend coating your industrial flooring with our specialized Premium Polyaspartic systems. Our Prime Team are the trusted experts in the Okanagan Valley to provide solutions to all your concrete needs. 


Winery & Brewery Flooring

Known as the 'Nappa Valley of the North', the Okanagan Valley is home to hundreds of wineries and breweries. At Prime Concrete, we have specialized knowledge and expertise in Winery and Brewery flooring solutions. Reach out today for a free flooring consultation. 

  • What types of concrete surfaces can Prime Concrete seal?
    We are committed to providing solutions for any concrete surface you are looking to seal. However, the most common surfaces we are asked to seal include driveways, walkways, stairs, patios and decks, pool-decks, and retaining walls.
  • Will your sealer change the color and visual appeal of my driveway?
    All of our Prime Premium Sealers are specifically designed to enhance and deepen the natural colours and tones of the concrete surface you are looking to protect. We have a variety of sheens and glosses as well as our specialized anti-slip additive to ensure we can achieve your desired finish.
  • How long will the seal last?
    At Prime Concrete, we work directly with a manufacturer who has developed the highest quality premium grade product available on the market. However, over time, even our premium sealers will begin to lose their visual and protective properties due to weathering and everyday use. We recommend all our clients to consistently apply our premium sealers every two years to ensure maximum protection and visual appeal.
  • How much does it cost to seal my driveway?
    All driveways come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. At Prime Concrete, we always provide our clients with a free onsite estimate to ensure we provide accurate and fair prices for all our services.
  • Will the sealer make the concrete slippery?
    At Prime Concrete we have the ability to add a specialized product to our sealers to reduce the slickness of the sealer once applied to the concrete surface. During our onsite inspection, one of our Prime Team members will provide our recommendation as to whether the additive is necessary for your specific concrete application.
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