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3 Quick and Easy Steps to Maintain your Garage Floor

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

When it comes to maintaining your new Polyaspartic flooring system, Prime Concrete recommends Crystal Simple Green to clean and maintain your floor. Simple Green effectively removes oil, grease, tar, mud, dirt, salt residue, and tire marks from the floor and ensures a clean and bright finish.

Step 1: Sweep

Car tires and footwear can leave sand and dirt on your floor. Sweep out with a good broom or use a leaf blower.

Step 2: Wash

For tougher dirt and floor stains use Crystal Simple Green. Apply Simple Green as per manufacturer recommended directions (see below) and rinse with water. Do not allow product to dry on your floor.

Step 3: Squeegee

Use a squeegee to push all liquid residue off your garage floor to ensure a clean a shiny finish.

Simple Green Cleaning Directions:

Use full strength or mix with water per dilution chart on product label. Always spot test on a hidden area first. Apply to soiled surfaces, allow time to penetrate dirt, grease or oil. Rinse with water at the highest available pressure. Deep stains may require a second application with scrubbing. Do not allow product to dry on surface.

Avoid using these cleaning products

- CLR® Calcium, Lime, & Rust Remover (silver bottle)

- Acetone or alcohol

- Vim, Javex, or Comet

- Paint thinner or lacquer thinner

- Mineral Spirits

- Bleach or bleach-based cleaners

- High-pressure nozzles on pressure-washers

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