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6 Benefits of Epoxy Garage Flooring

Garages typically take a bit of a beating and don’t often get the same kind of royal treatment that the rest of your property might receive. But did you know that there is a cost-effective way to make your garage floor look beautiful and be protected from damage that can be caused by spills, weight, and anything else that you throw at it?

Epoxy garage flooring in Kelowna is a great solution for sealing and conserving your garage floors.

What is epoxy garage flooring?

Epoxy garage flooring is a durable and visually-appealing finishing option for concrete floors. It is a thermosetting resin that we apply to concrete as a coating meant to protect your garage floors and improve visual appeal.

Are you curious why someone may choose this coating for their space? Well, here are six benefits of epoxy garage flooring.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

One of the major benefits of epoxy garage flooring is that it is very easy to clean. The garage floor coating completely seals the underlying concrete, so it is perfectly safe to simply hose off or use a pressure washer on your epoxy garage flooring.

With no grooves for it to settle into, you will also notice that it is much easier to manage dust and dirt on epoxy garage floors. Grab your broom or vacuum and you can easily get rid of dust and other particles.

Prevents Chemical, Oil, and Salt Damage

Epoxy floor coatings are highly resistant and can prevent damage from chemicals, oil, and salt, all of which are commonly found on garage floors. This garage floor coating can increase the lifetime and improve the look of your concrete floors by preventing stains and cracks.

Cost-Effective Solution

When done properly by a professional like Prime Concrete Sealing, epoxy floor coating is a cost-effective option for your garage floors. First, there is no need to remove your current flooring, saving you time and money on installation. You can also count on a fairly quick process from start to finish when you hire a professional and your flooring will last much longer with this protective layer. This means that you will spend less time and money installing flooring and making repairs.

Durable and Shock-Resistant

Epoxy garage flooring is a shock-resistant treatment, meaning you can pretty well throw whatever you want at it. The epoxy coating will remain intact in the event of heavy tools falling on it, wear-and-tear from vehicles driving on it, or machinery falling over. Your concrete floors will be safe from impact with an epoxy coating.

Epoxy coatings can also withstand a ton of weight, so all of your cars, recreational vehicles, and any other heavy items can easily be stored on your garage floors.

Long-lasting Protection

If you don’t want to repeatedly spend money repairing your garage floors, an epoxy floor coating will keep more money in your pocket long-term. A major benefit of epoxy garage flooring is that it is long-lasting and will offer you years of protection for your floors. After installation, from a reputable professional, you can count on your garage floors being good to go for a number of years before needing a fresh coat.

A More Eco-Friendly Option

With few materials and a longer lifetime, epoxy floor coating can be a more eco-friendly option than other flooring solutions. Epoxy is still a chemical compound, it is a more ‘green’ option because it only requires the tools for rolling it out and it will last you much longer than other options, decreasing the negative impact on the environment.

There are many benefits to epoxy garage flooring that offer you peace of mind, cost savings, and a visually-appealing space to work in or park your prized possessions. If you’re looking for Epoxy garage flooring in Kelowna, Prime Concrete Sealing would be happy to offer an estimate for your project.

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