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7 Benefits of Concrete Sealing in Kelowna

When you think of curb appeal, you might think of beautiful flower beds and lush grass, but your concrete driveway’s condition can truly make or break the look of your property. A cracked, stained, faded driveway can greatly affect the aesthetic of your property, and no investment in landscaping will distract from it. That’s why it is so important to invest in concrete sealing, especially in a city like Kelowna where we enjoy all kinds of weather and temperatures. If you’re not convinced, here are seven benefits of concrete sealing in Kelowna.

1.) Concrete Sealing Is Low Maintenance When Done Properly

When you hire a professional concrete sealer, like Prime Concrete Sealing, to seal your driveway, pool area, or concrete pad, you can count on the maintenance level being low moving forward. Once concrete driveway sealing is complete, you’ll be protected for a couple of years and there is no upkeep on your end, but it’s important that you hire a professional cement sealer in Kelowna to ensure quality work.

2.) Reduces Risk Of Surface Cracking

Concrete sealing is a great way to reduce surface cracks in your driveway, pool area, or other concrete surface. Cracks are common in concrete surfaces and are often simply a cosmetic issue, but they can turn into a greater issue as dirt and water seep in and create larger cracks. It’s better to be safe than sorry and have your concrete sealed as soon as you can to prevent cracking.

3.) Repels Moisture, Mold & Moss

Driveways and other outdoor concrete surfaces are exposed to a lot of moisture from rain and snow. Since concrete is quite porous, moisture is easily absorbed and can create damage below the surface. Moisture can also help mold and moss to grow in and around your driveway. Sealing your concrete will repel moisture and keep it on the surface, preventing damage and growth of mold and moss.

4.) Resists Chemical & Oil Stains

Unsealed concrete is at risk for chemical and oil stains due to its porous nature. Concrete sealing resists stains, including grease, oils, and other chemicals by keeping it on the surface. With a sealed driveway, garage floor, or pool deck, you can simply wipe away chemicals and oils that would otherwise cause stains.

5.) Protects Against Surface Abrasions & Scratching

Our concrete surfaces often take a bit of a beating. Between tires and heavy vehicles, exposure to intense weather, and everyday walking around, driveways, patios, and garages are subject to surface abrasions and scratching on a regular basis. A cement sealer will protect your concrete surfaces from these abrasions and scratching and keep them looking good as new.

6.) Prevents Colour Fading

Harsh elements, including UV radiation, can have major consequences for your perfectly poured concrete. Sun damage, commonly seen on Kelowna driveways, and other weather damage can cause colour fading to concrete. Concrete sealing creates a barrier that protects the concrete from fading caused by sun and weather damage.

7.) Lasts Longer

By hiring a skilled professional such as Prime Concrete Sealing to perform a sealing in Kelowna every two years, you will drastically improve the lifetime of your concrete. Your cement surfaces will last longer with protection from the seal, which is especially important in a place like Kelowna where we have hot summers and cold, snowy winters, as well as lots of rain in between.

Fading, cracks, stains, moss, scratches, and more can really ruin your concrete driveway and add up to a less than ideal curb appeal. At Prime Concrete Sealing, we know that you take great pride in your home and that you want it to look as good as possible, for as long as possible. We highly recommend concrete sealing in Kelowna every two years to prolong the lifetime of your concrete surfaces and make your neighbours jealous.

To get an estimate for concrete sealing in Kelowna, you can request an estimate online or call us at 250-300-8659.

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